Sunday, August 17, 2008

Georgia vs Russia

As George Bush and virtually all other American politicians and news media express their support for Georgia and condemn Russian “aggression” in the conflict between the two counties, it seems some important facts are being ignored. It was not Russia who started this fight, but Georgia by its unprovoked attack of South Ossetia. According to Associated Press interviews with survivors of the Georgian assault on Tskhinvali, the South Ossetian capital, the city was left in flames with hardly a single building left untouched. The parliament, the university and the main hospital were all totally destroyed. According to Eduard Kokoitym, the South Ossetian leader, more than 1,400 civilians were killed in this Georgian assault. Yet these facts seem to be unnoticed as the US continues to insist that Russia is the aggressor.

South Ossetia, along with the neighboring region of North Ossetia-Alania has been an autonomous region for over 70 years, including under the old Soviet Union. The Ossetians are a distinct nationality with their own Persian-related language and culture. The Georgian attempt to annex this region is in clear contrast to the wishes of the Ossetian people who have fought Georgia’s attempts at annexation since the break-up of the Soviet Union.

The US is not innocent in this conflict. The Georgian government is an ally of the US and had 2,000 troops in Iraq at the time of their invasion of South Ossetia. The US has armed and trained the Georgian armed forces. There are US military advisors in Georgia today and just before Georgia invaded South Ossetia, one thousand US Marines left the country after conducting joint military maneuvers called “Operation Immediate Response.” In the period leading up to the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia, the US supplied the Georgian military with hundreds of tanks, armored vehicles, artillery weapons, rocket launchers and dozens of combat helicopters and anti-aircraft missile systems. These were used in the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia.

Additionally, the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia comes at a time that the US is pushing for Georgia and the Ukraine to join NATO, an act that Russia sees as a threat. It also happens at a time that the US is installing missiles and listening systems in Poland and the Czech Republic causing Russia to threaten to aim its missiles at these countries in response.

The timing of the Georgian attack on South Ossetia is also of concern. The attack happened on the opening day of the Olympics as all eyes were on China and Bush sat watching the opening ceremonies. As Russia is fixing its attention on Georgia and South Ossetia, the US is amassing a huge armada off the coast of Iran. Three carrier groups with 39 Navy vessels prepare for something just outside the territorial waters of Iran. This armada includes nuclear weapons and weaponry that can reach all parts of Iran.

Is a Fall surprise being prepared by the Bush administration?

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Joe Lombardo said...

These are terrible pictures. It shows what happens when countries follow the directions of the US. I believe Georgia invaded South Ossetia on the orders of George Bush. It was done on the opening day of the Olympics so we all saw Bush sitting innocently watching the opening ceremonies in China.

Oh, you also forgot to show the pictures of the destruction caused by the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia. It was Georgia who fired the first shots and provoked the war.